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for law firms

We know that our areas of expertise are very specialised and that many law firms do not have sufficient (or in some cases, any) experience of these complex areas of law.

We are often approached by other law firms to provide support to them – particularly in data protection and technology contract matters – and we do so for small and large law firms.

Benefits for your firm & your clients

  • one stop shop. No need for you to refer the client to another law firm

  • discreet advice. We can either work in the background briefed by you, or we can act as a more ‘visible’ consultant to your firm

  • integrated teamwork. We work with your lawyers to provide seamless advice which can be invaluable where our expertise forms part of a larger transaction

  • fee certainty. You agree fees with your client for our work

  • consolidated billing. You decide and agree with your client the billing arrangements and they get one invoice for all work whether it is done by your firm or by us

  • training. Your team picks up valuable tips on our specialisms.  We can also offer specific training to blend our expertise with what you do best (see our training page for more details)

  • referral opportunities. We do what we do well and have no interest in expanding our areas of expertise into other areas of law. By getting to know you and your people – we will get to know what you do well, creating scope for us to refer work to your firm.



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