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Whilst the benefits of technology are unquestionable, the risks of technology failure, abuse and dependence on third parties are all too often evident – in some cases resulting in total loss of computer systems and customer databases and excessive charges for low quality services.

It is vital that businesses protect their ability to operate, should the worst happen, through careful supplier selection, appropriate contracting and the adoption and enforcement of effective policies.

We are technologists as well as lawyers and have advised on more than £3 billion of technology and data deals – so we understand what is at stake.

You should be talking to us if you need help with technology legals including:

  • hardware, software and communications procurement contracts

  • software licensing and escrow arrangements

  • cloud and other hosting arrangements

  • outsourcing and insourcing

  • systems integration and migration contracts

  • email and computer services contracts

  • support and maintenance agreements, service level agreements

  • supplier selection including tender support services

  • computer games commissioning, development and licensing arrangements

  • disaster recovery arrangements

  • policies. Drafting staff policies for the use of your technology infrastructure

See also our training page for details of our technology workshops, tuition, elearning and public speaking services.



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